Taking Shape

It's been nearly five months since the Topping Off Ceremony when the steel skeleton of the Winn Science Center was completed. Back then, spectators could only imagine how a building would grow out of the labyrinth of red steel beams. Today, the future is within sight. Since late April, visitors touring the site have seen up-close the spaces that will very soon become cutting-edge classrooms, labs, and workshops.

Here are a few constructions highlights from the spring:

  • Exterior masonry is a little over half completed.
  • The main roof has been installed.
  • The dome has been insulated, decked with plywood, and roofing underlayment installed.
  • All windows and about half of the curtainwall have been installed.
  • The three clearstory windows in the Commons have been installed.
  • Overhead air ducts have been installed.
  • Lab gases have been installed to lab table locations.
  • Electrical and plumbing in walls have been completed.
  • Framing of ceilings is almost complete on the first floor.
  • Framing of ceilings in Commons and around the clearstory windows was completed.
  • Some drywall has started on the first floor.
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