Building Features

"The new building will put even more of the science education in the hands of the students. There will be more and better outlets for their creativity and more opportunities to explore their curiosity."
Fletcher Carron
Stephen M. Seay ’68 Science Department Chair
The new Winn Science Center will benefit students in every grade, across every discipline. Myriad new tools and classrooms will facilitate a state-of-the-art science education for generations to come. Students and teachers will also gain access to new spaces and options that will benefit a wide range of activities. 

This new building will elevate more than just the sciences – it will benefit every student on campus.

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  • Planetarium

    Boys will gaze up into the heavens in the new 80-seat theater-style planetarium. A modern projection system will take viewers to interstellar destinations while custom software will allow students to craft their own journeys. The projector provides immersive video playback, offering endless possibilities for all disciplines. The planetarium will also benefit the entire community, hosting student groups from across Dallas-Fort Worth.
  • Science Lecture Hall

    All of campus will benefit from the 230-seat lecture hall, which will host many events, including class meetings, Senior Exhibitions, and visiting speakers. Each year, dozens of distinguished guests, from industry-leading scientists to bestselling authors, visit campus to share their experiences with Marksmen.
  • Arthur Douglas Greenhouse

    Named for St. Mark's legendary life science teacher, the Arthur Douglas Greenhouse will be essentially three greenhouses in one. The largest section is designed for student work and experiments. It contains tools, work tables, plant storage racks, grow lights, and a customizable irrigation system. The other two sections contain plant specimen collections – one zone will be an arid ecosystem and the other tropical.
  • Maker Space/Shop/Robotics Lab

    Students will be able to turn their technological dreams into reality with the new maker space. A versatile classroom and workshop, the maker space will provide the tools and instruction for boys to build whatever they can imagine.
  • Biotechnology Lab

    The biotechnology lab contains modern equipment for a variety of advanced laboratory activities that will be carried out by students in AP Biology, the DNA Science elective, and the iGEM Club. The lab will be used for the study and manipulation of DNA in bacteria and include a thermocycler for PCR amplifications of DNA, CO2 jacketed incubators, a protein and DNA gel electrophoresis apparatus, a -80C freezer, an autoclave, digital micro pipettors, and a laminar flow hood. The lab has also been designed with modular lab stations and utility connections so that it can be adapted to meet the demands of the rapidly changing field of biotechnology.
  • Lower School Science

    The youngest Marksmen will now get their scientific start right down the hall from their older buddies. The Lower School science lab, in addition to providing new tools and equipment, positions Lower School science alongside Middle and Upper Schoolers to further the School's culture of mentorship between grades.
  • Atrium & Common Areas

    Alongside the modern classrooms and laboratories, the Winn Science Center will contain a host of open spaces for students to collaborate or simply socialize between classes. The open central lobby will be perfect for large science demonstrations, art exhibits, or musical performances.
  • Outdoor Learning Environments

    The outdoor learning lab will be the only area on campus to observe the native Texas ecosystem. It will contain trees, grasses, and other plants native to Texas as well as a water feature, rock outcroppings, an outdoor classroom, and more. Between the native planting area and the Greenhouse, there will be raised garden beds to be used by Lower School science students and other classes.

    The School is also transforming much of the outdoor space surrounding the Science Center and contiguous areas. From a reimagined green space between the Lower School, Winn Science Center, and the Green Library, to a brand-new playground in the Lower School courtyard, to the beautifully landscaped cypress walk on the north side of the Science Center, these new landscapes will help tie the west side of campus together in new ways and allow for new teaching and play environments for boys and faculty.
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