Teacher Receives National Award

Last month, the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) presented its 2019 Evolution Education Award to John Mead, Eugene McDermott Master Teaching Chair in Science and St. Mark’s middle school biology teacher. This award recognizes innovative classroom teachers and their efforts to promote the accurate understanding of biological evolution within the larger community. Mr. Mead received the award at the NABT Professional Development Conference in Chicago.

“I am both honored and humbled to receive this award and am filled with thanksgiving for all those who have both inspired and supported me over the years,” Mr. Mead said. “I also know this would never have been possible if not for my fellow colleagues and Science Department mentors here at St. Mark’s over the past three decades. St. Mark’s and our dedication to professional development has made it possible for me to reach out to and personally visit many current movers and shakers in the work of evolutionary biology.”

Last year, NABT recognized John Mead as its Outstanding Biology Teacher in Texas. In addition to teaching and advising Marksmen, Mr. Mead serves as a Science Adviser for the Perot Museum’s Center for the Exploration of the Human Journey. He is an educational board member for the American Association for Physical Anthropologists and is a board member for the Southeast Evolutionary Perspectives Society. He is also currently a member of National Geographic's MicroAmazon research team to study extremophile life in Peru's Boiling River.
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