The Future is Here

With the Winn Science Center’s concrete poured and its steel beam frame taking shape, the foundation for the future of science education at St. Mark’s is in place.
It’s an exciting time to be on the campus, which has experienced a number of changes since the May 2017 groundbreaking ceremony for the Winn Science Center and McDermott-Green Science Building renovation.

In June, the iconic Periodic Table was carefully moved and preserved for the new building. To make room for the Winn Science Center footprint, the C-Wing of the McDermott-Green Math-Science Quadrangle was removed, including the planetarium, observatory dome, greenhouse, lecture hall, and several labs and offices. These facilities functioned prominently as learning environments for more than 50 years, kindling scientific curiosities among generations of Marksmen.

During the summer, the Lower School received a new, specially designed playground that was generously donated by the St. Mark’s Parents’ Association and is now located within the Lower School Courtyard. This change was planned to make way for a new open courtyard that will connect the Winn Science Center with the surrounding areas, including the Green Library. While the old playground equipment could not fit into the new space, a nonprofit organization helped St. Mark’s package the equipment so it could be shipped to a school in need in the Dominican Republic.

To the excitement of the entire School community, construction officially began over the summer. In November, the foundation was completed and our first steel beams were put in place.

Looking Ahead

As we look ahead, the next major milestone will be the topping-off of the new building with the placement of the last steel beam. The School plans to celebrate this special occasion in early January 2018. This will serve as a powerful reminder to our students that something truly special is coming.

The completion of the Science Center Project will mark the beginning of a new chapter—one that will guide a new generation of explorers.
“The experiences we share here leave a lasting impression that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives,” says Christian McClain ’17, Student Council President, 2016–2017. “I have felt great fortune going to a school where I have state-of-the-art technology at my fingertips. While the Class of 2017 will not get to experience the new building as students, we are excited to return to campus as alumni and see future generations of Marksmen use the outstanding new Science Center.”
The School has launched this website to communicate the many transformations in process. It features photos and videos from the construction site, spotlights some of the exciting features of the buildings, and celebrates how these facilities are impacting boys and faculty every day.

By the Numbers

List of 3 items.

  • 3,420,000

    Pounds of demolished material recycled
  • 5,223,000

    Pounds of material removed during demolition
  • 610,000

    Pounds of structural steel fabricated for the Winn Science Center

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